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Frisby College Introduction

Frisby College in England was established in 1995 by Marten Frisby with the name of ”Frisby Language House” institute. Frisby College has an important position in England and it has a very high percentage of acceptances in Cambridge University’s ESOL, IELTS and TOEFL exams. In addition to managing the INTESOL teachers training institute, Frisby College is a moderator holding of law and TOLES exams. In addition to the direct cooperation with the University of Viterbo in Italy, and Deva college in Romania, Frisby college is in sync with Kiev University of Linguistics and the University of Mariupol. Frisby College has dealers in over 40 countries like Kolumbus Sprachreisen in Germany, Feriencamps in Switzerland, Hermosa Sprachreisenin in Australia, Royal Thai Embassy in London and MB Scambi Culture in Italy. In addition to managing Frisby institute, Martin Frisby acts as a Middle East communication agent of ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) institute. He also plays his role as an ASIQUAL ( UK based awarding body offering qualifications which recognise both students’ academic achievements and evidenced skills) agent too. Frisby College is perfect in attending exams and educational courses. Teachers are well qualified and highly experienced and they are profited by new educational methods which are exclusively provided by Frisby College. All courses material are consistent with the level of courses and is designed within the framework of Europe language education and includes different levels from beginner A1 to advanced C2. Frisby College also has some special education plan for teachers training, career and accommodation.

ِAdministration Director Introduction

Doctor Aghil Gharaee, The CEO of Silkroad Innovators who has 20 years of experience in teaching English and doing years of research on teaching methods in Iran and abroad, is now trying to provide the latest methods for Iranian who wants to learn English. Manager director of The Silkroad Innovators using his maximum power with his institute training team have been trying to enhance the level of Iranian ESL student and try to create new scientific and educational opportunities for them since 2001. During the last twenty years he has been able to promote modern education system and methods.

Institute Introduction

Silkroad innovation institute was established in September 2011 with the aim of research and development, and a research approach in implementing the new scientific system. During these years we succeeded to develop new methods and systems in education, and today Silkroad is one of the most known academies in our country. With regard to the special international position that our institute achieved, we have a large-scale of teachers and students who profit from our professional services. Managers of our institute describe and developed a new system in English language teaching with Frisby college cooperation which we will know more about its benefits.


1) Using updated educational methods and techniques in 2015/2016.
2) Using localized training models by Iranian authors under the supervision and direct contact with the institution and authors of educational contents of London Frisby College.
3) Using educational classified resources with the purpose of facilitating teaching and training language for our teachers and students.
4) Providing teacher training courses and giving international licenses of college to the teachers.
5) Attracting teachers in Frisby college’s 40 agencies in 25 countries under contract with the England Frisby college.
6) Teachers benefit of courses and international instructor exams (TTC, TKT, Celta,…).
7) Issuing college’s international license to the students after being accepted in Frisby’s international exams.
8) Appointing communication and negotiation among Iranian students and Frisby’s member countries.
9) Dispatching Top Teachers and students to the Frisby’s member countries to visit scientific centers.
10) Holding conferences, presenting articles and sharing at websites.
11) Top students benefit to be member of silk-club.


Our educational and technical support team has been starting it's work based on planning and working conditions. Some of the services are as follows:
1) Track the progress of educational journals.
2) Scientific support and fix the weaknesses of teachers.
3) Periodic evaluation of teachers.
4) Chart for each journals by teachers.
5) Check the student's progress and respected coaches.
6) Solve the problem of teachers, students and their respected parents.

Our Reach

The people who visit Silkroad.ir are the most important part of what we do.
We provide learning resources in over 20 countries and six continents.
Every user is different, but they share the same goal: to improve the lives of children through education.

4,030 are teachers
1,128,000 people have signed up


Each member of the leadership team brings years of experience in education and technology to the company. They help us work towards a brighter future, leading the core team to success.

Dr. Aghil Gharaee

Administration Director

Dr. Aghil Gharaee
Administration Director

Mr. Yaser Gharaee

Executive Director

Mr. Yaser Gharaee
Executive Director

Mrs. Ameneh Niafard

Educational Director

Mrs. Ameneh Niafard
Educational Director

What Our Members Say

Students like the interactive games to practice reading and writing. As a teacher, I love the correlation to standards, and that I am able to see the progress and struggles my students have in obtaining skills.

Mahmood Rezaei , Teacher

Silkroad.ir has been an invaluable aid to me in teaching my children from home, no matter what the grade level. It's so quick and easy to look for and download specifically what I need in a moment, and at a most reasonable cost.

Mahmood Rezaei , Homeschooler


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