Entry Requirements


If you want to be an ideal employee, read these ten points and think about them.

  • Skilled, not trained (Your average is not a criterion, but you are measured by practical skills
  • Learning ability is more important than IQ (Having growth capacity)
  • Sometimes professionalism is the main obstacle (A person who has just entered a technological field has better ideas than a veteran in the industry)
  • Understand when to lead and when to follow
  • Be committed to your job (Provide your best at all times)
  • Either grow up or return home (Having bold and innovative ideas)
  • Search for unexpected items (If you want to be a good employee, look for new ways)
  • Do not just focus on making money (You should be able to focus first on the value and then as a good employee, discover how you can make money from your creativity)
  • Take time on other projects too
  • Consider failure as an essential step for victory
  • Learners:

    They should be at least 4 years old and participating in a placement test


    The teachers & instructors that want to cooperate with us, must have at least one of these requirements:

  • University degree in English language (Bachelor's Degree or more)
  • Other English language related degrees (Delta, Celta, TKT, …)
  • Or at least 2 years work experience
  • Then they must participate in a placement test


    People who apply for an agency must have a licensed school (Institute).

  • For English Institutes: Ministry of Education license
  • For Kindergartens: License of the Welfare Organization