Workshops & Teacher Training Courses


The Silk Road Innovators Institute organizes workshops to promote their teachers and make them familiar with the latest educational method after the teacher training course.

Workshops are in the areas of English language teaching, teaching methods, psychology of education, etc.

Participants will be issued with an attendance Certificate.

Teacher Training Courses (TTC)

Silkroad Innovator acting to hold teacher training courses (TTC) to update trainer’s language knowledge and also transferring Frisby’s educational language methods. Teachers who have at least a bachelor's degree and higher or related degree to the field with appropriate enabling level in four English language skills, after participating in an entrance exam can take part in Silkroad’s innovative teacher training courses. This period is of just 80 hours of training and in-person and remote support and starts with 20 hours of in-person classes. And will continue during the twenty months of workshops and posting videos and journals to improve their knowledge. In this course of twenty months, in addition to training the required skills to teachers to teach Public and private classes, Topics about educational psychology is also addressed. By the end of the initial 20-hour training courses, by providing their demo and earning required points Teachers can be employed as a college teacher in the specified level. And up to twenty months they will be scientifically supported. At the end of the course, the teachers will be awarded the international college certificates too.