About Us

Mission & Vision


Commitment and focus on customer (Customer Orientation)


Being the first choice for English learning in Asia


  • Presentation and development of new educational methods through the provision of educational systems
  • Improving the ability of e-learning environments to promote flexible and student-centered learning
  • Providing continuing training for learners without time and space constraints
  • Applying a wide range of teaching and learning theories in e-learning processes using new and international methods
  • Meeting the increasing needs of foreign language teaching at the community level by increasing admission capacity at different level
  • Provide extensive training opportunities for different classes and provide training to applicants who for various reasons cannot benefit from a common educational system (in-person)
  • Organizing International Teacher Training Courses based on three axes: increasing individual knowledge, educational techniques and educational, ethical and social issues
  • Holding workshops and specialized seminars such as learning styles, behavioral and class conversion from teacher-centered to learner-centered
  • Educational and scientific support of instructors
  • Learning based on the development of the mind, increasing self-confidence and social values for learners
  • National and international competitions
  • Granting an International Certificate
  • Assessment and rating of instructors and learners
  • Online games, forum, racing and national and international festivals

  • Achievements

    Memberships and certificates:

  • The authorization to teach to student from 4 to 7 year-old.
  • The authorization to publish books.
  • The authorization of E-books.
  • The authorization of translation.

  • Ability:

  • Having over 350 representatives all over the country.
  • Having over 20000 teachers all over the country.
  • Having over 60000 students all over the country.
  • Educating and scientific supporting teachers about 20 months with holding seminars, workshop, and etc.

  • Our Services

    To Educational Units:

  • Providing and implementing dynamic, efficient, integrated and coherent educational system and structure.
  • Providing consulting services and training support in order to improve the ability of the unit at the stages of the implementation of the plan
  • Deploying international professors to the units for training and support
  • Periodic visits for monitoring and evaluation
  • Implementing a rating and evaluation plan for the units; And benefiting from educational, supportive and financial incentives
  • Provision of educational and research projects; Ordered by regional organizations and institutions
  • To Instructors:

  • Strengthening and developing the English Quadruple Skills of teachers, titled "Increasing Individual Knowledge."
  • 20 months support of trainers in the form of monthly educational journals and evaluating journals and ultimately providing progress charts
  • Conducting the mentoring training course in person for 20 hours with the aim of offering innovative methods of teaching English
  • Provide exclusive Silkroad educational content for the mentoring training course
  • Providing specialized training Quarterly
  • Retraining courses and supporting services in the form of seminars, Webinars and Workshops
  • Evaluating and monitoring of educational performance
  • Providing International certificate at the end of the period
  • Inviting to specialized workshops and national and international seminars
  • Holding annual Competitions entitled Innovation in Education called Top Teacher
  • Ranking in education
  • Holding educational tours
  • Online and distance learning
  • To Learners:

  • Providing educational contents appropriate to the age and level of students including books, CDs, posters, flash cards and dolls
  • Holding provincial competition in an approved city by the institution (all the questions, officials and tables are under the supervision of the Institute).
  • Providing learners with valid certificates
  • Preparing educational support in the form of support campaign
  • Holding national and international tests (such as Cambridge Exams)
  • Holding internal and external field tours
  • Providing online and virtual training