Refund, Cancellation Regulations & Charges


Fees must be paid in full before course commencement.

No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit, additional lessons or extension of the course can be given for:

  • Services or facilities included in the fees and not used
  • Late entry to or absence or early departure from a course
  • Lessons replaced by testing and class allocation procedures on course entry dates
  • Dates when schools are closed because of official holidays
  • Any refunds which are approved can only be made by the office or representative to whom the fees were originally paid.
    Silkroad Innovators Institute reserves the right to make fee adjustments as a result of changes in the exchange rates or statutory taxes.


    The full amount of course fees is payable 21days before commencement of the course on receipt of the course confirmation. Bookings made less than three weeks before course commencement must be paid in full on receipt of the course confirmation. Any other fees, e.g. for cancellations, must be paid on receipt of the invoice. Bank charges are the student's liability. Any charges incurred by Silkroad Innovators Institute are passed on to the student on their arrival and must be paid immediately.
    You can cancel your contract with Silkroad Innovators Institute at any time, in writing, by recorded delivery. Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Up to 60 days before course commencement - 10%, minimum 90 Pounds
  • Up to 35 days before course commencement - 30%, minimum 90 pounds
  • Up to 21 days before course commencement - 50%
  • Up to 10 days before course commencement - 60%
  • Up to 4 days before course commencement - 70%
  • 3 days or less before course commencement - 90%
  • In the absence of a written notice of cancellation, the course fees will be retained by Silkroad Innovators Institute in full.


    Should you find fault with the services provided by Silkroad Innovators Institute, you must declare your claim to the Director of Silkroad Innovators Institute during your course period. Any claims made after the end of your course at Silkroad Innovators Institute will not be recognized.
    In the event of a justified claim, the Director reserves the right to make adequate reimbursement.